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Clip Me In - 60 second luxury

Clip-ins are surely an amazing invention! The hair extensions come with special clips attached to the hair - you then clip the Clip-ins into your own hair taking you from regular to sex symbol - all in a matter of seconds!

What we love about clip-ins? They are great for a versatile, natural and build-able look. They transform thin hair to thick and luscious and short hair to lovely and long- allowing you to rock a variety of styles.

At Déesse we now offer high quality luxury Peruvian Clip-ins that can be dyed, heat styled, washed and conditioned just like your real hair.


Check out the beautiful Déesse doll Briana from New York rocking our clip-ins in a variety of amazing looks (Photographer: Patrick Neree). 


Also check out our Norwegian beauty Leonita rocking longer lengths, custom dyed and highlighted to a beautiful blonde to match her natural hair perfectly;


Clip-ins come in sets and for a hairstyle - we recommend using 3 sets. Also, a great style tip is blending the extensions to your hair by dyeing and heat styling e.g. straightening your hair and the extensions for flawless results. 


60 second luxury!

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  • Omg i love i love. I love the fact you can remove them and change the style too – amaze xo


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