Extended Haìress Bombshell Blonde Frontal

  • £300.00 GBP

Bombshell Blonde Collection™ is our official range of blonde hair extensions. 

Bombshell Blonde hair is recommended for novelty wear only and experience hair extension wearers.

It is great for use for bright colours and ash blondes

Hair has been lifted to a very light blonde so the natural bonds have loosened so the hair type is different!

View our recommendations on the care tips page

  •  Frontal shows dark roots customization,frontal comes with no roots
  • Blonde frontals are a custom products, so require extra delivery time

Lace frontals are known as the full size version of lace closures. With the 13"x 4" sizing being able to cover from ear to ear, this will enable you to create the ultimate realistic illusion without leaving any of your natural hair out.