Hairess HD ClearLace Extended Frontal

  • £325.00 GBP

Hairess offer the best innovative developed HD ClearLace for the ultimate and most extreme melt for all skin tones, extended frontal version in limited edition

Lace frontals are known as the full size version of lace closures. With the sizing being able to cover from ear to ear, this will enable you to create the ultimate realistic illusion without leaving any of your natural hair out. 

Why HD Film lace? What’s different?

Lace is thinner so more delicate, and recommended for special occasions or your favourite special wig! Handle with care for the ultimate melted look

  • 13" x 6" frontal (extended size) 
  • Luxe Hairess HD Clearlace
  • Specially created with Hairess film lace so may incur extra time